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Connecting you to the Family of Faith in Israel.
We provide the following: 

Interviews of Israeli Ministry leaders
Enriching teachings
News updates


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ministry trip.

Our interviews are providing the first of a kind interactive bridge by facilitating personal connections between the Family of Faith in Israel and the Nations facilitating reciprocal blessings! (Genesis 12:3)
Watch Revelation to the Nations and make your own connection with any ministry we interview. 


"I completely support the vision of Bless Israel Network to
provide a platform for leaders of Israeli Congregations and Ministries to share what they are doing to build the Kingdom of God in Israel."

Jonathan Bernis, President & CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries

"I praise God for the visionary venture HE has placed in the

hearts of Daniel & D'vorah. It is certainly deserving of widespread support from the Christian community>"
Dr. David Reagan, Founder & Director, Lion and Lamb Ministries


"Revelation to the Nations is needed in these Last Days!
Daniel & D'vorah's vision to connect the voices of authentic Israeli believers to the nations will serve as a great hub for the Body of Messiah until all Israel will be saved."

Rabbi Itzchak Shapira, author Return of the Kosher Pig

"We are living at a time when Israel is most often slandered and marginalized. We need to be present in all platforms of media to counter the lies and misunderstandings. Daniel and D'vorah have a vision for the Land of Israel, and a mission to facilitate the message of Messiah coming forth from Zion. I appreciate their heart of service to the community of faith in the Land and pray they will have much success in their mission."

Boaz Michael, Founder & President, First Fruits of Zion

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