Did you know some of Israel's Messianic community is persecuted? 

                  Would you like to get to know them?                    We invite you to establish your own personal connection with the believers in Israel!

Watch us explain...

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Our breakthrough  program Revelation to the Nations is changing the landscape, offering the first dedicated platform and worldwide voice for the Israeli Messianic community.

            You can actually help bring Israeli Jews to faith,                  without leaving home!

Our program is providing the first of a kind interactive bridge by facilitating personal connections between the Body of Messiah in the nations to the Body of Messiah in Israel and facilitating reciprocal blessings! (Genesis 12:3)

Watch Revelation to the Nations and make your own connection with any ministry we interview. 
We interview * You watch * You connect * You bless them * You help build the Kingdom
We take nothing!

"I completely support the vision of Bless Israel Network to
provide a platform for leaders of Israeli Congregations and Ministries to share what they are doing to build the Kingdom of God in Israel."

Jonathan Bernis, President & CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries

"I praise God for the visionary venture HE has placed in the

hearts of Daniel & D'vorah. It is certainly deserving of widespread support from the Christian community>"
Dr. David Reagan, Founder & Director, Lion and Lamb Ministries


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"Revelation to the Nations is needed in these Last Days!
Daniel & D'vorah's vision to connect the voices of authentic Israeli believers to the nations will serve as a great hub for the Body of Messiah until all Israel will be saved."

Rabbi Itzchak Shapira, author Return of the Kosher Pig

"We are living at a time when Israel is most often slandered and marginalized. We need to be present in all platforms of media to counter the lies and misunderstandings. Daniel and D'vorah have a vision for the Land of Israel, and a mission to facilitate the message of Messiah coming forth from Zion. I appreciate their heart of service to the community of faith in the Land and pray they will have much success in their mission."

Boaz Michael, Founder & President, First Fruits of Zion

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